Important Locations


To Klingenstein Pavillion (KP)

Go to MC Level, head straight down the grey hallway to Radiology, follow the bend to the purple hallway (across the way from Radiology Associates), and take elevator.

To Klingenstein Clinical Center (KCC)

  • To KCC 4: Bridge on GP 3 (rear hallway, East side, OR Level)
  • To KCC 6: Bridge on GP 5 (behind CCU, far East side)
  • To KCC 9: Bridge on GP 8 (rear hallway, between 8C and 8E).
  • MC Level, follow the blue hallway, go past dialysis, follow the blue hallway to the end. You’ll be in KCC-MC. Take the elevators up.

To Dialysis

  • MC Level, grey hallway to left down blue hallway, then straight ahead.

To Icahn/East Building

  • MC Level, grey hallway toward MRI, left at MRI, down the stairs (with the orange stripes), through the tunnel till you see elevators on the right. You’re in the SC level of Icahn, take the elevators up.

To FPA (5 E 98th)

  • MC Level, grey hallway toward MRI, make a right when you hit MRI, then follow that hallway all the way down. Right before it ends, look for the elevator bank on the left, take that up to 5E98th.


  • Bridge on GP8 (rear hallway, between 8C and 8E) to Annenberg 7, take the elevator up one level to Annenberg 8, follow the signs to the NSICU.

To Peds/Endoscopy

  • MC Level, grey hallway to yellow hallway, straight back to main peds elevators. Endoscopy is on Peds 7.

To Hess Center for Science and Medicine

  • Entrance to tunnel to CSM is located on the North side of GP, on the opposite side of the building to MRI (i.e. the other end of the main grey hallway).

Housestaff Lab

  • 10C - Door code 531 - has microscope, centrifuge, slides

Neuro Library

  • Yahr Library, Annenberg 14th Floor

Call Rooms

Input your life number to enter the door.

Floor Room Tel#
5E 307
5W 181
9C 381 x49360
10W 183 x35943
10W 187 x46978
11E 381 x32091
11E 383 x46704
11E 378C x4-9661