Getting Started at the VA



With any post-call/admin/elective/vacation time you have coming up, we ask that you go to the VA during business hours. You MUST be fingerprinted before your first sick call block:

  1. Complete onboarding checklist sent to you by either Ivette Mendez (ivette.mendez@va.gov) or Yris Urena (yris.urena@va.gov), who work for the VA GME.

  2. Schedule fingerprinting appointment. Your start date is your FIRST DAY OF SICK CALL. Bring 2 valid, government-issued IDs, on which your name is printed EXACTLY the same way (including middle name/initial). Your Sinai ID will NOT count

    • People usually use Driver’s license and passport, but you can also use social security card, birth certificate, green card, etc.
  3. Head to the VA by taking the shuttle or the 4 to Kingsbridge Road and walk

  4. Fingerprinting is done in HR- 9C-09 718-584-9000 x6584

ID Photo

After 24-72 hours (although sometimes longer) after fingerprinting, the GME office will send you an email confirming that your fingerprints have cleared. If you haven't heard after 3 business days, reach out to Yris and Ivette. You will need to return to the VA to get your photo taken. The:

  1. Call ahead to HR at 718-584-9000 x6584 to make sure your fingerprints have cleared and make an appointment. Call again the morning of to confirm that they will be there

  2. You can wait around for 30-45 minutes to pick up your printed ID (try to enjoy some Popeyes or a great Vietnamese restaurant down the block) then return to the first floor VA police to pick up your ID

  3. When your ID is completed, you can bring it to the GME office to be activated and get the computer log-in

    • If you are really strapped for time, you can theoretically get your computer access on your first day, but we would strongly advise against this given that any hiccups, which the VA are notorious for, will prevent you from having computer access the first day

CPRS Access

You will need to go to the CAC office (9A-36) to get CPRS access

  1. Complete 2 online modules well in advance of your start date

  2. Let the chiefs, Montserrat, and Yris/Ivette know if you have any issues