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Range Description Category
<2 Low risk for bleeding. Anticoagulation should be considered. good
<3 Moderate risk for bleeding. Anticoagulation can be considered. intermediate
≥3 High risk for bleeding. Alternatives to anticoagulation should be considered bad
1. Hypertension History (Uncontrolled >160 mmHG Systolic)
2. Renal Disease (Dialysis, Transplant, Cr>2.26)
3. Liver Disease (Cirrhosis or Bilirubin > 2x Normal or AST/ALT/AP > 3x Normal)
4. Stroke History
5. Prior Major Bleeding or Predisposition to Bleeding
6. Labile INR (Unstable/high INRs) Time in Therapeutic Range <60%)
7. Age >65
8. Medication Usage Predisposing to Bleeding (Antiplatelet agents; NSAIDs)
9. Alcohol or Drug Usage History (≥8 drinks/week)